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Why Choose
Beauty Markd?

There are a lot of brow techs out there, so why choose me? Why trust me with your brows?

I got into the PMU business after a bad brow experience of my own. The tech was rushed, didn’t listen to my concerns, and ultimately gave me sub-par, uneven brows. ON MY FACE. This treatment, which was meant to help me feel more polished and beautiful, left me not only disappointed, but embarrassed.
After that, I decided to look into what it takes to become a brow artist. And something happened that I didn’t expect: I fell in love. I love the artistry that goes into creating the soft and swoopy hairstrokes of a brow. I love seeing the look on a client’s face when they see their new look for the first time. I love helping empower women (and men) by helping them look and feel their very best.
Listen, I know that by choosing me as your brow artist, your expectations are high. And they should be. I am going to be tattooing your face! But I want you to know that I take that trust very seriously. I listen to all of your concerns, and then put time and care into every stroke of the blade to create flawless brows that will frame your face to perfection.
the process

How It Works


During consultation, we will go over your brow preferences as well as any past treatments you may have had and discuss which treatment will be the best for you and your skin type. I will map your brows using the golden ratios to create perfect symmetry, height, and length for your face. This will give us a guide for the subsequent treatment.


Before we begin, I will completely map the brows again. I will then numb the brow area so that you can be comfortable during the process. Once the numbing has set in, the magic begins! I insert pigment using the technique we have decided on. This process takes between 2-4 hours, depending on which treatment you choose.

Touch Up

In most cases, permanent make-up is a two-part process. Everyone’s skin heals differently, and we can’t be sure what your results will be until after your brows are completely healed. During the touch up, the entire process from your first session will be repeated, and all imperfections will be fixed, leaving you with beautiful, flawless, permanent brows!

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Subtle, natural hair strokes made by inserting pigment into the skin with tiny blades.

Nano Brows

A more refined version of microblading. Natural hair strokes made using a very fine needle in tattoo machine.

Powder / Ombré

A filled or partly filled brow, made by shading the brow with a tattoo machine.



Contact me for a free consultation. This allows me to properly address your concerns and allot the correct amount of time for your appointment. My goal is to find the best service for you and your skin, ensuring long-lasting results that you will love for years to come! ♥︎


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